Auction for ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ prototype is already up to $310,000 and fucking counting

nintendo playstation prototype auction

Man. Every time I go to post this story about the Nintendo PlayStation prototype, the auction has increased by, like, another $100,000. Fucking seriously. It currently sits at $310,000. Emphasis on currently.

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Rare-ass “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype going up for auction in February!

nintendo playstation auction

If you’re a real cool kid, you know Sony and Nintendo tried to create a joint console, before Sony got into the biz themselves. The console? The Nintendo PlayStation! And, a prototype of the failed son of a bitch is going up for auction!

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Found: The SNES PlayStation Prototype. Of things lost and imagined


Back in the day, Nintendo and Sony had teamed-up for the PlayStation. A collaboration that would bring disc-based games to a Nintendo system. But that shit didn’t pan out, Nintendo lost all their third-party support (for the most part) to the PSX, and the rest is history. Not lost to history, though. ‘Cause someone has unearthed a prototype console of this fabled machine.

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