LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System dropping this August. Oh lord, the nerd overlap here!

lego nintendo entertainment system august

LEGO is dropping a “Nintendo Entertainment System” this August, friends. And my word, what an overlap on the Nerd Venn Diagram. LEGOs. Retro gaming. Nostalgia.

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Super-rare Konami NES games have been discovered! And already fucking emulated! God bless the future.

rare konami games

Man, I ain’t never heard of the Konami series Space School. And I imagine you haven’t either. Konami and Japanese national broadcaster NHK created the educational games back in the day. Long forgotten! Until this week.

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Nintendo announces Mini-NES, “NES Classic”; 30 Games Built In

NES Classic Edition

One of the dopest things that was announced this week while I was away from OL busy staring at the corpse of my Nana and attempting to will myself into another Realm was the “NES Classic” by Nintendo. It is, by all metrics, going to be a license to print money for the company. You know this by now, however I figured why not give OL citizens a place to talk about it, so let’s state it anyways. It’s a miniature Nintendo Entertainment System that contains 30 built-in games, comes with a controller, and will run a mere $ 60.

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Let’s Commemorate: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ was released thirty years ago today in Japan


Sweet soggy nipples, I’m aging. Like, I knew that Super Mario Bros. was released a while ago. But thirty years-old? That’s…that’s pretty fucking tremendous. Even more terrifying is the fact that my wife wasn’t even alive when it arrived (she’s four.5 years younger than my ass). Which means — like so many goddamn people were born into world and will live their lives having no goddamn clue about the Touchstone Megaton that was the game’s release.

Let’s celebrate the game with some futzing videos. Feel free to share your own memories, videos, thoughts, whatever.

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Today is the Famicom’s 30th anniversary. Naw, not the Nintendo Entertainment System. That son of a bitch launched two years later. Still, this was the system that launched a zillion-childhoods. It may have been repackaged before crossing into the Western World, but this was the console that started it all for a lot of us.

Thirty years.


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RETRO GAME CLUB #2: The Sweet Taste of EIGHT-BIT Victory

He eats one!

…and now here in the second installment of Retro Game Club, we experience the sweet taste of victory.

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Konami Teases New ‘Contra’ In Pre-E3 Presentation. Hell Yes!

Contra. A stalwart fixture in my gaming childhood. What the fuck my parents were doing letting me run around with enormous machine guns and blast alien hearts is beyond me, but I’m glad that they were so oblivious to the rockitude they bought for me. At Konami’s E3 presentation, they teased more Contra. Oh yes.

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