Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (2.18.15) – Life Is A Bitch (Planet)

welcome to the dance

Okay! And we are live, again! Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! coming to you from the rotting guts of my Mind Palace. It’s a lot like that dweeb Sherlock’s Mind Palace, but the walls are covered in scrawling made from indiscernible fluids that are swearing fealty to the Gods of Diet Dew, Beards, and Buttocks. The room is constantly blaring the bass line to RTJ’s Blockbuster Night Part 1, and everything is generally terrible. But that’s where we’re coming to you from! The fuck do you want me to do? Lie (cheatstealkillwin)? Ain’t going to do it! This week sees a wonderful little collection of comic books hitting me upside the pocket, iPad, tangible bookshelf, booty, brain, and spirit. From the Marvelous Kamala Khan to Them Fucking Aliens out in the Asteroid Belt. From one final (She)-Hulking out to the glorious non-compliant members of Bitch Planet.

These are the comics I’m reading this week. Suggestions, much like free Dew and Nachos, are not just welcomed. They’re fucking encouraged. (Because I’m a fatty caffeine addict, who is oblivious to all the good comics out there.)

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