HBO is adapting Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic ‘Snow Crash’ into a TV series and I really want this to fucking own

hbo snow crash neal stephenson

Snow Crash is one of my favorite fucking novels, man. Cyberpunk as fuck, stylish as hell. And while adapting it seems like a difficult sled to pull, I think an HBO series is its best bet. Sign me the fuck up.

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Neal Stephenson joins augmented-reality company as “Chief Futurist.”

Neal Stephenson.

MAKE MINE SNOW CRASH, YA FUCKS! Neal Stephenson has joined an augmented-reality company as their fucking Chief Futurist. And it doesn’t lead to me hanging out in the Black Sun, it’s a colossal fucking disappointment.

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AMAZON launching JET CITY COMICS imprint, adapting FLY BOOKS.

Jet City.

Woah. Amazon launching volleys like a mofuckah. They’re getting into the comic book game, and barreling in with adaptations from George R.R.R.R. Murderer and Neal Stephenson. Funky fresh shit, right here.

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‘ATTACK THE BLOCK’ Director Joe Cornish To Write & Direct ‘SNOW CRASH’ Adaptation. This F**king Rules.

Holy convergence of awesomeness, Batman. My tits are twinkling over this one. Snow Crash is getting an adaptation, and the talent behind it is responsible for one of my favorite flicks of last year.

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Neal Stephenson Plays ‘Halo’ On An Elliptical To Stay Thin. Dude Is Outstanding.

Someday, in a distant land, when the semester is over, I’ll get to finish Stephenson’s Reamde. Till then I’ll have to tide myself over with tales of his rockitude. Like this one.

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Neal Stephenson’s New Novel ‘Reamde’ Features Gold Farming, Glorious Wit.

Neal Stephenson wrote one of my favorite books ever, Snow Crash. So even while I’ve never been taken with him like I have Ellis, or Gibson, or Vonnegut or the rest of my pantheon, he’s still a hero of mine. I heard about his new book Reamde  and how it has to do with some sort of cyber thriller predicated on gold farming. Yes. Gold farming. I started it tonight and I’m already in love.

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