Weekend Open Bar: What Lies Beyond Doom? (Hope).

what lies beyond doom - hope.

It’s the fucking weekend, baby. Kick open the doors to the Bar. Grab your favorite drink. Just reach behind the counter, and throw it down your esophagus-pipes. I won’t charge ya. Let the burn wash over you. And then saddle up next to me. This is Weekend Open Bar, the gathering at the InternetWateringHole where those willing join me in camaraderie.

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Weekend Open Bar: SMASH ENNUI


Hey, friends! How are you? You may have noticed I haven’t been rockin’ and rollin’ around here much lately. And I’ve been off! For two days straight! The fuck, Caff?! Let me level with you: I’m sort of fucking exhausted with the Internet. Clickbait, Buzzword, Non-News, Hype-Piece, Funny Video, Buzzword, Clickbait, Release Date. Blah, blah, blah. My interest comes. And my interest goes. Such is the life of a bi-polar. Right now it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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Weekend Open Bar: Pretty Much A Big Deal


Oh fuck! It’s Friday! Oh fuck! The semester is over! Which means this is a very special edition of Weekend Open Bar, the column where we come together to chat during the weekend. The column where we share our plans, our eats, our gifs, our drunken musings.

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Weekend Open Bar: Gone Girl Baby Girl Gone Gone


Can I get a fuck yeah?! It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for many, many things. Provided you are one of us proles blessed (and it is more and more becoming a genuine blessing) with having the weekend off. Drinking! TV binging. Maybe some sexy-sex? Reading, gaming. All sorts of shit! And this is Weekend Open Bar! Where we come together. Pop a soda-beer-bottle-of-wine-whiskey, whatever. Share in the revelry of the next two days.

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