Video: ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Played On Cowboys Stadium HD Screen.

Some lucky winners of the Mountain Dew x Modern Warfare 3 cross-promotional-marketing-synergy-time got to play MW3 on the Cowboys Stadium’s HD wunder-wall. It’s pretty tremendous.

Hit the jump to check out the pricks in action.

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Video: Skyrim Whoops MW3’s Ass With Rolling Pins In New NMA Madness.

NMA. Those whacky fucks. This week it’s Skyrim going all spatula and renaissance faire all over the ass of Modern Warfare 3. That doesn’t make sense? You’re g’damn right it doesn’t.

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‘Call of Duty’ Pulls In More Than $750 In Five Days, Franchise At $6 Billion.

Call of Duty is a license to print money. Lots, and lots, and lots of money. I know it’s not cool for a real  gamer to dig the franchise, but I lap it up. Along with millions of others.

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The Rock Handles ‘Modern Warfare 3’, and His Mrs. Solid Bro.

The Rock tweeted this out prior to MW3 dropping, and it amused me. But then I was like, is The Rock displaying courtesy to his Mrs, or by usage of his implication of “domination” being just another HGH-fueled douchebag? Or am I over-intellectualizing? Under-intellectualizing? Something-ulizing?

Man Threatens To Blow-Up Best Buy After Selling Out of ‘Modern Warfare 3’. Dedication.

I got myself a copy of Modern Warfare 3. Ain’t played it yet. But I got it.  Loromin Sar isn’t so lucky. Dude rolled up to a Best Buy wanting to snag it…but they were sold out. That’s when he threatened to blow the joint up.

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Masked Robbers Steal 6,000 Copies of ‘Modern Warfare 3’.

There’s an impressive impatience when it comes to Modern Warfare 3. People need it!  First it was folks  buying the game at Big Box Store, selling it on eBay for $1,000+. Now there’s masked robbers stealing 6,000 copies of it being stolen in an impressive heist.

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Some Tool Bid $1,725 For Early Copy Of ‘Modern Warfare 3’ On eBay. Patience, People.

Kmart done fucked up and started selling some copies of Modern Warfare 3 early. This was seemingly enough to send CoD fanboys and fangirls into the throes of insanity, as one has bid a ludicrous amount of money on an early copy.

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‘Battlefield 3’ Sells 5 Million Copies In First Week. Your Move, Modern Warfare.

The Battlefield/Modern Warfare 3 throwdown finally got underway last week with the release of BF3. After the first week, EA covered in fluids and with a Devil’s smile announced that their title has launched to the tune of 5 million sold.

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‘Modern Warfare 3’ Already Stolen From Shipping Company, Pirated.

No one actually thought that the street date for Modern Warfare 3 would arrive without its digital bites and bytes already slathered across torrent sites, right? In fact with something like ten days to go, I’m surprise it hasn’t happened before this. MW3’s on the internet. Hide yo kids, et cetera.

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Video: ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Launch Trailer. Finish The Fight, Amirite?

Modern Warfare 3. Infamous. Famous. More of the same. But what’s the problem with more of the same  when I’ve been madly in love with the first two? I can’t wait for this shit.

Hit the jump to check out the launch trailer.

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