The Avengers drops next week, and if you ain’t goin’ kooky-bananas then I don’t think this website is the place for you. Seriously.

After all, every single member of Spaceship OL has been pounding Red Bulls and speculating about this flick until passing out from exhaustion. Hell, just this morning I saw Caffeine Powered stroking his beard and swinging a hammer he stole from Pop’s tool-box, all while screaming at a geriatric crossing guard. If I recall, some key phrases from the public castigation included “Return to true-form, wretched Skrull-Bitch” and “Where’s Bucky!?” and “Beware Midgard racists, for Nick Fury is the manifestation of Smooth-Dancin’ Danger-Babysitter’s greatest dreams!

True story.

Anyways, Paul Sizer created a minimalist poster for The Avengers that kicks maximum gamma-irradiated butt. Hit hyperspace and check it out!

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MINIMALIST Posters Explain Complex Philosophies With Basic Shapes. F**k My Degree.

Well here’s some peanut butter on my balls just prior to the dog nibbling it. This assortment of gorgeous minimalist posters summarize complex fucking philosophical ideas more succinctly than my dumb ass and my philo-minor. Yeah well, fuck you, posters! Minimalize that.

No seriously they’re hot.

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