MINIMALIST Posters Explain Complex Philosophies With Basic Shapes. F**k My Degree.

Well here’s some peanut butter on my balls just prior to the dog nibbling it. This assortment of gorgeous minimalist posters summarize complex fucking philosophical ideas more succinctly than my dumb ass and my philo-minor. Yeah well, fuck you, posters! Minimalize that.

No seriously they’re hot.


When it comes to explaining philosophy, sometimes less is more – and we think this arresting collection of minimalist posters encompasses that idea perfectly.

The illustrations you see featured below are from a a series entitled “Philographics,” and were created by London-based graphic designer  Genís Carreras. Using basic colors, simple geometric design, and concise definitions, Carreras manages to cram impressive amounts of information – on philosophical doctrines as diverse as hedonism, determinism, and existentialism – into a surprisingly simple and accessible package.

We’ve included a sample of the collection below, but you’ll find the series in its entirety, along with plenty more examples of Carreras’ work,  over on his website. The posters are also available for purchase via  society6.