Miles Teller starring in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon series

miles teller starring nicolas winding refn amazon series

Nicolas Winding Refn has got himself a series on Amazon with comic book writer Ed Brubaker, which is wild. But it’s also wild that said series will be starring Miles Teller.

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‘Star Wars’ spin-off has shortlist of actors to play Young Han Solo

Han Solo

The impossible task of filling the shoes of a Young Han Solo is coming to an end. Or, at least, they’re going to cast Young Han Solo. I don’t know if the actor will be able to fill the shoes. Like I said, impossible.

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‘Fantastic Four’ Final Trailer: Your Squad Is D00M3D

‘Fantastic Four’ International Trailer: Reed Richards just wants to fix his bruhs

‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot: See Them Be Fantastic, Duh

‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: Interdimensional Uh-Oh Party

‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Poster: Change R Cominz

phn4anatic fourzz

‘Insurgent’ Super Bowl Trailer: Hey Kids Do You Like ‘The Matrix’

About a month and a half ago Bateman made me want Divergent. It was shockingly dumb, but it was impossible not to laugh with enjoyment in some weird, B-Movie way.

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‘Fantastic Four’ Official Trailer: Consequences & Sacrifices

I don’t know if this movie is going to be any good, even after watching this first trailer. I will say that Michael B. Jordan activating his powers was dope, and I still really like the cast they assembled. Especially after watching Whiplash and Toby Kebbell’s episode of Black Mirror this past Holiday.

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Fantastic Four.

If you’re to believe the NETTER-WEBS today, the Fantastic Four reboot is finally cast. Finally! I mean I want to believe the buzz, but haven’t we been doing this dance for so long now?

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