Leaving this Cutie Pie.

Swoon! So this is what it will look like when I finally finish building my Rocket Ship. It’s taking a bit longer than expected. Do you know how many Diet Mountain Dew cans it takes to build a functioning hull? I don’t either, which is why I’m probably going to be vaporized. Eh, whatever! If I succeed, I’ll gather a glimmer that looks much like this.

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MERCURY Got Itself Some MYSTERIOUS HOLLOWS. Snape Snickers.

The fun thing about all the bullsquash that NASA is launching into orbit is that not only is it helping the Space Brains of the Blue Marble figure things out, its also raising new questions as well. For what is the imagination for, if it has no room left to guess with? What the fuck…? Anyways, yeah! NASA’s  MESSENGER turned up some unexpected hollows on the surface of Mercury.

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See NASA’s MESSENGER Bid Earth Adieu.

NASA’s MESSENGER is their mission to study the surface of Mercury. However back in 2005 as it hurtled away from good old planet Earth, it took a series of photographs. Intrepid researchers have since then stitched those photographs together to make a rather pretty farewell video.

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Mosaic of Mercury’s Face Is Pockmarked Bliss.

Enlarge. | 5000×5000 Version! | Via.

That is a planet, floating out in space. Gorgeous, pockmarked, rocked by cosmic forces. Specifically, it’s Mercury, and this is a gorgeous mosaic taken by MESSENGER.

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First Image of Mercury From An Orbiting Spaceship. Ever.

Enlarge. | Via.

Drink deep in the glory of the first picture of Mercury ever from an orbiting spaceship. Emphasis on orbiting. The sexy image features a cavernous pockmark impact crater.

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