This is the cosplay right hurr. RIGHT HURR.

I have no idea the source of this image/cosplayer (and if you do, please let me know), but I do know one thing. This beautiful combination of latex and human is proof that God is both Good and a Latex Fanatic such as myself.

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Cosplay: EDI from ‘MASS EFFET’ done as LATEX threatens to kill me.

Oh hai.

Saints preserve me. Edi from Mass Effect 3 done up as latex? Parts of my body I didn’t even know I had are throbbing. Yes, yes please. And then a second helping.

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Cosplay: MORE FEM SHEPARD, more all the time.

This FemShep is wonderful.

Shepard may be done with her part in the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean that cosmos is done with Shepard cosplay. What is the point of salvaging the wreckage of the galaxy, if we cannot bask in the glory of FemShep?

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Cosplay: Tali from ‘MASS EFFECT’ strikes a pose.

Tali! We never saw your dumb face in Mass Effect, and for that I can never forgive you. That withstanding, this cosplay dedicated to you is lovely.

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Cosplay: EDI from ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ is robotic erotica. Yes, yes, yes.

Cosplay: REAL SHEPARD and SAMARA dominate Dragon*Con

Outrageous! Mark Meer (voice of Shepard) and Rana McAnear (the model for Samara) graced Dragon*Con with their utter awesomeness. Let’s ignore for a moment that the real Shepard is obviously female and just bask in this quality execution. Slow-clap aboard the Normandy, ignoring the fucking ending.

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Cosplay: Kasumi from ‘MASS EFFECT’ thieves me with a body hugging outfit.

What’s going on, Kasumi? You seem to be pretty flagrant in your behavior right now, for a thief. Get out of the sun! Get moving. Jeepers.

Cosplay: Stunning FEMALE COMMANDER SHEPARD From ”MASS EFFECT 3′ Is Almost Enough To Salve Wounds.

The same beauty that brought the cosplay world this Lizbeth from BioShock: Infinite  has struck again. This time cosplaying the female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 3. Wowzers. I’m sold.

Hit the jump for some more looks.

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Cosplay: Miranda and Tali From ‘Mass Effect’ Are Latex Savior Swoon.

[Photo by LJinto. | Via.]

Cosplay: Miranda from ‘MASS EFFECT 2’ brings typical horndog glee!

I’ll always have a thing for Yeoman Chambers. Primarily since she is the classic interstellar babe that I cannot get with. Alas. That’s like, you know, every chick on the planet. Or galaxy. Particularly ones that aren’t real. But Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 was a cutie as well, and these cosplay pictures of her are certain both impressive and sexy. Sexily impressive. Impressively sexy.

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