Next ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ DLC has all the creators back together. Or something.

Yeah, I bought Mass Effect 3: Omega. No, it wasn’t worth the fifteen dollars. Though, it was enjoyable. So fuck yes you bet your bottom dollar that I won’t learn my lesson when the next piece of ME DLC drops.

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‘MASS EFFECT’ getting WHOLE NEW GAME plus the DLC, ‘OMEGA.’ Doi!

Wouldn’t you know it. A zillion-dollar franchise like Mass Effect isn’t finished, even after shitting down its leg in its final installment. More stories to tell. More money to make.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Leviathan DLC is dropping August 28. We…care?

Mass Effect 3 is finally getting some DLC that isn’t promising to fix the ending. Those lasses and lads at BioWare really through themselves off their schedule when they decided to shit directly into the game code after about thirty hours of fun. They’ve finally doubled back around though, and are ready to release some new content.

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Rumor ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ DLC To Revolve Around Rogue Reaper Named Leviathan. Whatevs.

The Mass Effect 3: Unfucked Ending Edition was pretty fucking disappointing. I didn’t expect much, and that’s exactly what I was given. Now that the ending to one of my favorite franchises has been left indubitably awash in a sea of rotting ass, I’m not so certain I’m excited for any sort of DLC. Yet I’ll buy it. Of course I will.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Extended Cut DLC Info: Hackett & EDI Confirmed

Just today I was wondering what the fuck was going on with the Mass Effect 3: Unfucked Ending, and no sooner do I dwell on it some info turns up. My mind has fucking powers! Imagining…Scarlett Johansson. She’s here guys. Be to the right back.

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There’s Mass Effect  shiz dropping into Final Fantasy XIII-2-Cash-Grab-Grande, and it makes my knob twitch. It’s a common known fact that N7 armor from Mass Effect  puts me into gadget-future-porn rapture, even when its been crammed into a franchise I’ve rolled into my cat’s litter box and scratched grit over.

Hit the jump to behold.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Ending To Be CHANGED: BioWare Strikes Back … At Our Wallets.

Looks like those out there will have closure on the end of Mass Effect 3.   This press release comes from BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka.   It pretty much confirms that DLC will pick up where the very brief ending left off.     Check out the jump for more.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Producer Promises “NEW CONTENT” To Bring “CLOSURE”. The Sound Of Back Peddling Feet.

Mass Effect  producer Casey Hudson has finally addressed the herds of people who are bat-tits crazy with hate for the Mass Effect 3  ending. In commenting on them, he promises more content (for a fucking price!, obviously) that will help bring closure to “more passionate” fans.

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Buying All The ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC Would Run You $870. Oh EA, F**K You.

There’s an assload of DLC coming out for Mass Effect 3. All of it is strewn through a variety of mediums – from other game purchases to figurines to a fucking headset. So much for a cohesive experience. All of this DLC, should you wish to acquire it, would run you $870.

Hit the break for the rundown.

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