‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ to be played by Justin Theroux? Tell me moar.

Justin Theroux.

Oh yeah, there is a Doctor Strange! movie afoot. It had completely slipped my mind. Well, it is coming in Marvel Phase Something Such. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads. We haven’t heard much about the flick, but now casting rumors are a-percolating. The latest (or first?) rumors are centered around Justin Theroux.

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Joss Whedon calls ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ show ‘VERY HOPEFUL’, I fear a Skrull impersonator.

Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon has dared to call one of his shows “very hopeful”, inadvertantly exposing the fact that his existence has been taken over by a Skrull impersonator.

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‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ confirmed for MARVEL PHASE 3 movies. Oh golly gosh?

Doctor Strange up in this thang.

The Doctor Strange movie is coming, the Doctor Strange movie is coming! Are you excited? Are your staves glowing?

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