Dan Buckley Promoted To President Of Marvel Entertainment

dan buckley marvel entertainment president

Dan Buckley (who?) is now president of Marvel Entertainment. He’ll be overseeing all the Netflix goodness, as well as all the other TV stuff. I guess?

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‘Luke Cage’ Trailer: Bulletproof, Devastating Jaw Bones

Marvel and Telltale Games teaming up for console game


That…that’s about the entirety of the news. I’m excited, though.

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Solo ‘HULK’ Movie Being Considered For 2015 Release; GREEN BACKS PREVAIL.

I’m getting a bit of the old motion sickness from whipping my head around following the conflicting Hulky reports. I had just assumed a movie was in the works. Kevin Feige said no. Now some other dude who runs a part of the Marvel Entertainment Kraken is all like “Yeah, prolly”. Someone give me a goddamn answer!

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New ‘Captain America’ Photos; Take That Thor!

Not to be outdone by the cadre of new Thor pictures, Captain America got himself some new photos as well tonight. Dude straight up told Marvel Entertainment, “Listen, it’s obvious as a blue eyed, blond haired dude I am clearly not the America dream, but the Nazi posterchild. I will make this shit public if you don’t give me some pub” and thus they did. I really don’t know what I’m taking about.

Hit the jump for the pictures.

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