Weekend Open Bar: I’ve Seen Things You People Would Probably Believe


This is, as always, Weekend Open Bar. The objective is, as always, to create a holistic HorrorDump at the Internet where like-minded folk can gather. Once gathered we will, as always, shoot the shit about what we’re doing this weekend. You know, flap our flabby lips. Pointedly pontificate about nothing–something. Everything and anything goes, as always, so long as its in a positive spirit.

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Monday Morning Commute: Trickle Down Cybernetics

Trickle Down

How are you folks doing? Man — it’s been a minute since I sat down at my computer. Or, I suppose, sat my laptop down upon me. Spent the weekend hanging out with friends, slinging insane amounts of caffeine into my veins. Watching grown men throw balls into the air while I bark at them nonsensically. Imbuing the frivolities with so much importance, way too much importance, playing right into the distractionary hands of The Powers That Be.

But hey. It’s with friends. There are probably worse ways to spend the weekend than eating too much, farting too much, laughing too much, and the such, right? Even if the macguffin is SportEvent.

Anyways — now that I am at my computer, I shall compose this. Monday Morning Commute!

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Monday Morning Commute: Deus Ex Slopculture


It’s another edition of Monday Morning Commute, folks. Borne up out of the primordial sludge that are my synapses. Rotted neuro-wires shooting electricity aimlessly across the hollowed-dome of my brain-piece. My poor taste strained through the rotting diaper filled with the refuse of a consumed Elder One’s husk.

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