‘Blade’ is being rebooted with Mahershala Ali. What an insane fucking time to be a Marvel stan, friends!

blade reboot mahershala ali

Like, what the fuck? Mahershala Ali is Blade?! Today, the Elder Ones truly smile upon us Marvel stans.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 Trailer: Weirdness creeps back into the series next January

Yo! Yo. Yup, I’m right back in. Dismissed this show after its sophomore diarrhea soup, but I’m back.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 confirmed to star Mahershala Ali so it’s time to get hype folks

true detective season 3 mahershala ali starring

HBO has confirmed that Mahershala Ali is starring in True Detective‘s third season. As well, I can confirm that jiggling in my pantaloons is my geek boner dancing about, thrilled at the news.

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Mahershala Ali in early talks for ‘True Detective’ Season 3, and now we all give a shit again

mahershala ali true detective season 3

Holy shit. Mahershala Ali is in early talks to join True Detective‘s third season. Which, it should be noted, hasn’t officially been greenlit. That said, man. Having him on the cast really is a win-win scenario. If the third season sucks, well, the show has already flatlined. If it rules, we have more god-tier acting from Mahershala Ali, and another season of dope television.

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