Next ‘Terminator’ movie casts ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ star Mackenzie Davis

terminator 6 mackenzie davis

Wait, what the fuck is going on. Am I seriously getting roped into being excited for Terminator 6? God dammit. But, what else should I do? Be skeptical! Oh, I could be. But, the cast! Arnold and Hamilton returning! With Mackenzie Davis joining! And, the director! Tim Miller! Fuck it, why not be excited. I can always be let down in the end. Right?

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‘Deadpool 2’ eyes Kyle Chandler to play Cable; Domino appearing, too!

kyle chandler

I don’t really know Kyle Chandler. I’ve enjoyed him in what I’ve seen, but I’ve stayed away from Friday Night Lights because, if I’m being honest, I find you fans of it quoting “Open Ass, Wide Grin, Can’t Gape” insufferable and its prejudiced me against the show. However, sure, I’m fine with this potential casting.

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‘Blade Runner’ Sequel casts Mackenzie Davis (‘Halt and Catch Fire’)

Mackenzie Davis

MORE LIKE HALT AND CATCH REPLICANTS, RIGHT? Please, please forgive me. My brain is withered, and all my former-future-children laugh at me from my belly.

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