‘Logan’ director confirms he’s working on an ‘X-23’ movie script because fucking of course

x 23 movie script logan director

Logan was a wonderful remix of The Road. Or The Last of Us. Or whatever. One of the highlights of the beautiful misery was X-23. So, it makes perfect sense to give the character her own movie.

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‘Logan Noir’ Trailer: Wolverine’s Swan Song In Gorgeous Black and White

Hey! Finally done drying your eyes over Logan? Now you can fire up them waterworks one more time! Here’s the Logan Noir trailer!

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‘Logan’ Black and White Edition coming to theaters May 16

logan black and white may 16

Starting May 16, a black and white edition of Logan is hitting theaters for a limited run. I don’t necessarily need to see this, still though, it’s a cool gesture.

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: On Intimate Terms With Catastrophe

on intimate terms with catastrophe

There can be something exhilarating and freeing about a condemned, Post-Hope existence.

Sure. I utter this from a plateau. From a monument of privilege.

My wife makes good money, I got a dick, can pass for straight, and sport a blanche complexion.

With those caveats in tow, I mean, this rotting obelisk doesn’t seem so intimidating. It may be a survival technique, these gallantly leapt hoops I am gallantly leaping through. But what else would you ask of me?

The seas rise, the Earth heats, the resources dwindle, the population increases. Those in charge predicate power and greed over empathy and charity.

It’s done. It. Capital “I”, if you will. Shot through the heart. To carry on itself seems a tip of the cap to existential absurdism.

What else to do, what else would you have me do? A little mild resistance during the day. But the heart weakens, the mind fatigues, respite is earned and welcome.

So I fuck, and I smoke a little weed. I laugh with friends, go out to dinner with my wife. Enjoy movies, condemn liberal sophistic think pieces and conservative hate screeds alike. Play some video games, walk my dog. Marvel at the night sky and feel peace in the recognition that We Don’t Matter, We Never Mattered, And It will be fine when we’re gone. It. Capital “I”, if you will.

Every once in a while, I contemplate carrying on my lineage, am reminded that if anyone is getting off this melting marble it certainly won’t be an ancestor of my class and caste. I pass off that condemnation for another week, month, year, maybe forever. Can you imagine that? Willfully procreating at the end of civilization? Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can’t.

I have no words of encouragement other than we’re all down in the bottom decks of this wonderful, wicked, pointless sinking ship together. So fuck it, and fuck it together.

Let’s spend some time chatting. There’s nothing really else to do.

[This is Monday Morning Commute]

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‘Logan’ Clip: A Quiet, Bleak Ennui For The Berserker Turned Chauffeur

Here’s a new clip promoting Logan. It features Logan living a grim, forgotten life as a chauffeur for the drunk and douchey. It’s a bleak, matte existence for the former berserker, and sets the tone for the upcoming movie.

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New ‘Logan’ Poster: Wearied Berserker Is Wearied

new logan poster hugh jackman

Logan. Logan is tired in Logan.

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‘Logan’ Red Band Trailer: It’s X-23’s (Real) World Now

The latest Logan Red Band trailer cements two things, as if there was any doubt. That this is a different, “real” take on Wolverine. And that X-23 is a star in the (hopeful) making. I’m down with both.

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New ‘Logan’ Poster Shows Wolverine Going Full Cormac McCarthy

new logan poster

Don’t think it’s particularly revelatory to compare what we’ve seen of Logan so far to The Road. But, hey, fuck it. Sometimes the easiest comparison is the one you want to make.

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Ryan Reynolds Appearing In ‘Logan’ As Deadpool [Update: Or Nah]


Apparently, Ryan Reynolds is going to be starring in a scene of Logan as Deadpool. Apparently.

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Logan Carries X-23 Through Fire And Flames In New Movie Still

logan carries x-23

Behold! Logan carries X-23 through the fire and flames in a new movie still from the upcoming film.

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