Monday Morning Commute: Cough Medicine Suicide!

Welcome back, friends. The Starship Omega plummeting through the Cosmos has returned, swerving out of the way of an errant cosmic calamity. We’ve finally regained cruising altitude, and a flesh-bot of your desired gender/gender combination will be along to massage your pinkish naughties soon. My name is Caffeine Powered, and I’m the Custodian and Lead Seminal Slinger aboard this Galaxy Cruise. Right here about this time, as I am ripped to the gills on a cheap Theraflu knockoff and fighting a lengthy head cold, I’m going to pontificate on what I’m enjoying this week. And so are you! That’s the whole gimmick behind this nonsense, Monday Morning Commute. More Theraflu!

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Lil Wayne Wears $1 Million Diamonds Covered Headphones. Martian? Naw, Douche.

Lil Wayne! You proclaim to be a Martian, but you seem to be nothing more than an ostentatious douche. $1 million headphones. C’mon man!

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