Lil Wayne Wears $1 Million Diamonds Covered Headphones. Martian? Naw, Douche.

Lil Wayne! You proclaim to be a Martian, but you seem to be nothing more than an ostentatious douche. $1 million headphones. C’mon man!


I’m a big fan of Lil Wayne. I was with him before he became good (pre-Carter days) and totally support his placement atop the hip hop perch but Mr. Weezy F., I can’t support you on this. What the hell are you doing wearing a $1 million diamond studded Beats by Dre headphones at a basketball game?

The headphones Lil Wayne are wearing are very likely  the same pair LMFAO wore at the Super Bowl  which were made with 114 carats of diamond by Graff Diamonds and there are just so many things wrong with this abomination.

Oh wait, so maybe he didn’t buy them? Whatever the case, good lord. I have a hard time swallowing such a money-burning endeavor. It’s whomever’s money, they can do whatever they want. I rock free to proclaim them True Assholes.