Jupiter’s Moon Europa got the right kinda of water to support life. So. Well. You got that shit or not, Europa?

jupiter europa water life

Jupiter’s Moon Europa got that salty water underneath its surface. Which, apparently, is the right kind of water to support life. Like, nice! Now, let’s see if it actually has it.

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DINOSAURS, Life On Earth, And Relativity.

This is a bit out there, but hey what the fuck can you do. I was bombing through Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s Planetary last night when there was a segment about the explosion that wiped out the dinosaurs. As I am wont to be, I got a bit curious and began wondering: just how long enough was this shit?, what were we up to?, and perhaps more vacuously: could people have come to Earth (people being a rather homosapien-heavy filtering of the notion of intelligent life, a concept perhaps even beyond our simian brains to comprehend outside of limited parameters) and I came across a pretty awesome way of looking at Dinosaurs, Us, and How Long We’ve Been Here.

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Monday Morning Commute: Liam Neeson’s Ghost

Welcome back to MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! By the time you read this, you’ll most likely have completed your first day of the workweek and will be primed for some solid entertainment. But not if you work the graveyard shift. Which is a bummer, unless you actually work at the graveyard, `cause then you get to meet zombies and mad scientists and packs of goth kids playing Ouija!

In any case, I’m going to give you the rundown on some of the shit that’ll be keeping my spirits high over the course of the next week. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to hit up the comments and show which sidearms you’ll be using in this workweek showdown.

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