‘Spiral’ Director Wants to Make New ‘Leprechaun’ Movie and Demands Warwick Davis Returns. This Dude Gets It!

spiral director leprechaun warwick davis

Spiral ain’t a half bad movie, and that’s because the director knows exactly what he’s working on. Now the dude hopes to rekindle the Leprechaun franchise and he understands one core thing. It ain’t no fucking Leprechaun without Warwick Davis. Give this man the property, and let’s get our boy Warwick back!

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WWE and Lionsgate to Remake ‘LEPRECHAUN’. Naturally.

Leprechaun  was one of many horror movies back in the day that scared the crud out of my bunghole. I was a bit of a candy ass, and I was often babysat by older cousins. As such I spent many summer afternoons cowering in the other room while chuckle fucks like the Leprechaun terrorized fictional neighborhoods. Now that pain and horror will be inflicted on a new generation of wimpy kids.

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