Report: ‘Legend of Zelda’ is coming to smart phones, here’s hoping it’s better than ‘Super Mario Run’

legend of zelda smart phone game

You may have forgotten already, but “Nintendo” dropped a “Super Mario” game on smart phones. Well, now they’re rumored to be bringing Zelda and company to the devices, and, yeah. Here’s hoping it’s better than their initial smart phone effort.

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Leak: Nintendo NX dropping in *2016* with ‘Legend of Zelda Wii U’ as its Launch Title


Man. I’m so fucking torn. Legend of Zelda Wii U was supposed to be my fucking jam on…Wii U. They’ve delayed it, delayed it, delayed it. And now! Now the motherfucker is going to be the launch title for the early-in-this-generation-cycle launching Nintendo DX? What the fuck! I ain’t had my Wii U for more than a year! But! At the same time, a new Legend of Zelda game. Do I buy this system or nah? OR NAH, OR YES? FUCK. Wait. It’s launching on the Wii U at the same time? This fucking complicates things more! Am I happy that it’s still coming out for the Wii U? Or am I furious that they’ve clearly been delaying it so it can also be a launch title for the fucking here-already NX? Fuck!

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‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD’ Story Trailer: What You Know, But Shinier

‘The Legend of Zelda’ for Wii U isn’t listed in Nintendo’s 2016 Release Calendar


Son of a bitch. Like, the game that I’m sweating for the Wii U isn’t going to hit the system. Is it? It isn’t. I can sense it. Nintendo’s already run public post-mortems on the console and shit. And now Legend of LinkLinkZeldaTime Wii U ain’t on the calendar for next year. Which means, as far as my detective skills tell me, that the title is actually going to drop for the Nintendo NX or whatever.

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Cosplay: Link from ‘LEGEND OF ZELDA’ got that tranquil sexiness.


Something really dope/froggy fresh/relaxing about this gorgeous Link cosplay. Dude just wants to run through the woods, slash some grass, collect some rupees. Buy himself some bait and go fishing. Not the worst live in the world.

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Cosplay: ‘LEGEND OF ZELDA’ cosplay is Legendary. Rimshot.

Here’s LINK all did up ‘PRINCE OF PERSIA’ style. Pecs are too small, IMO.

Link. Prince of Persia guy. They used to be best friends, until one night at a drunken party Prince Guy totally had elbow over the line in beer pong. Shoves were had. Swear words exchanged. This picture serves as distant memory and commemoration of the good times.

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‘LEGEND OF ZELDA’ prototype will only cost you $150,000. Don’t do it.

Got $150,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Firstly, frak you! Secondly, you may want to buy this.

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April Fools: Google Maps Goes 8-Bit

Confession time sans any shame: When I was a wee boy, I would run around in my backyard, sword-stick in hand, playing in imaginary worlds that were mostly inspired by the 8-bit NES maps in Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda. These worlds, grand for a little awesome kid, offered the perfect bird’s-eye view of spatial possibilities, offsetting where you could and could not go–that is, until a major weapon, accessory, magic, or tip was found that would be duly employed to blast through any and all obstacles. Needless to say, life was good. But now that I am old and boring and my penchant for whimsically running around in my backyard returns to me only when I am drunk or deranged, such fancies have passed from my everyday existence–until now. Clearly on a similar wavelength, the gamers behind Google Maps dropped an 8-bit April Fools masterpiece on the world. Take a bird’s-eye view after the jump.

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Video: 16-Bit ‘Legend of Zelda’ PC Case Brought To Life.

Richard “8-Bit Builder” Clinton is a mad wizard when it comes to video game inspired PC cases. His latest masterpiece is a triforcefully (groan, I know) awesome 16-bit Legend of Zelda  work of awesome.

Hit the jump to watch it come together.

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