‘Overwatch’ has passed ‘League of Legends’ as most popular game in Korean Net Cafes


Overwatch seems popular as fuck, given the response from the various gaming communities I frequent. (Basically, OL’s Facebook page.) How popular though, across countries and fandoms? Apparently very.

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OH LAWD: Free-To-Play Shooter ‘CROSSFIRE’ makes NEARLY $1 BILLI.


Sign I’m getting old: I ain’t even heard of Crossfire. Fucking free-to-play game first-person shooter. Despite not hearing of it, the son of a bitch made nearly a billion dollars last year. A fucking billion dollars!

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Lead ‘WORLD OF WACRAFT’ designer has joined Riot Games

World of Warcraft.

The lead dude behind World of Warcraft has joined Riot Games. You may know The Rioting Gamers as the company who has created that League of Legends game. Which is like — way huge. But I don’t really know about it. You see, I’m old as shit. Once you get me past Super Mario Worlds 2D, I’m pretty much useless. I do know that Warcraft World game though. Took the better part of my twenties. Just drinking Dew, rotting my brain, and jacking off furiously between raid wipes. The good old days.

Wait, what is this post about again?

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Dude Switches Countries During Pro Gaming Tournament, Farts On Canada.

This is some straight up intrigue right here. Jatt is a totally uber League of Legends who was recently competing at the  World Cyber Games representing Team Maple Syrup. However when those fucks were eliminated he switched teams.

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