WEEKEND OPEN BAR: soup or bowl?

Soup or bowl

[WEEKEND OPEN BAR: The one-stop ramble-about-anything weekend post at OL. Comment on the topic at hand. Tell us how drunk you are. Describe a comic you bought. This is your chance to bring the party.]

The day is almost upon us my friends.  Here we have two juggernaut titans ready to do battle on the gridiron.  You know what, I can’t do it.  I can’t fake it.  I just don’t give a shit about this Sunday’s game.  Sure, you can say that because my team got eliminated a fortnight ago that I’m bitter.  And maybe I am a little.  But I have a reason to be.  It’s not my fault that my team’s legendary quarterback (Who shall remain Bradyless … I mean nameless) can no longer function in the second half of big games.  And I don’t see why I shouldn’t be bitter that my amazing head coach (Who’s Belickick I won’t mention … I mean name) can no longer design a defense to fool a mouth breather like Joe Flacco.

Anyway, I digress.  That’s not why we’re here today.  I don’t want to talk about real sports.

I don’t give a shit what that groundhog says, winter is almost over.  Soon we’ll all be thrust from our cozy dwellings to enjoy the world once more.  What will we do for fun then?  My question this Open Bar is what is your favorite fake sport?  What is a fake sport?  Well it’s one of those sports that people will mention when mentioning sports they like, but it’s not actually a real sport.  It’s in that in-between category.  Not as stationary as a hobby, and more skill than an activity.

So I ask, what is your favorite fake sport?

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