‘VERONICA MARS’ Movie Trailer: That Feel Good Nostalgia

Veronica Mars.

Whoop, whoop! That’s the sound of the police! Or rather the witty, teenage gumshoe Veronica Mars back on the scene. But she ain’t a teenager no more, and this ain’t the small screen. Boom! See! ‘Cause it’s the trailer for the Veronica Mars movie. I’m fucking stoked! Stoked! Watching the trailer reminds me of how much I used to love this show. And how long ago the show was on. Fuck, I’m getting old. Darkness, darkness. Beautiful Kristen Bell. More darkness.

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‘VERONICA MARS Movie Clip: High School Never Ends! Plus Release Date!

Veronica Mars.

Woah baby! You want the first clip from the Veronica Mars movie? Of course you do! Unless you don’t. But you should.

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‘VERONICA MARS’ MOVIE Official First Look: Oh I Have A Happy Bell-yache! Yeah whatever stfu.


First footage from the Veronica Mars movie? Yes, please, and thank you.

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‘VERONICA MARS’ MOVIE gets Kickstarted! Already passed its goal. Boom! Dynamite!

Veronica Mars.

Man. I fucking needed this today. The local sports team lost one of its biggest players. Summer unemployment is looming. Google Reader is dying. Talk about stabbing my rot-gut. It appears I am not to fully despair, however. The Veronica Mars movie lives. Lives damn well. Today, series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell launched a Kickstarter to fund the son of a bitch, and ten hours later the goal had been surpassed. Well done, my friends.

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Kristen Bell Lands Lead In Disney’s SNOW QUEEN Adaptation, ‘Frozen’. My Glands On Swole

Things that make me babble incoherently: caffeine, Diablo III news, Kristen Bell. A perma-crush of mine, she has been cast in the Disney adaptation of Snow Queen called Frozen. Cyeah.

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Monday Morning Commute: Testicular Decapitation


[via only the young die young]

The idea of her touching me around that region actually makes the threat seem a-okay. Where’s Monday Morning Commute? In your ass! Shit is on hiatus this week. Pepsibones is in Vermont, I’m sitting in the sun, and the rest of the Empire is celebrating Memorial Day. If it’s nice in your neck of the woods, go grab some toxic rays and drink your alcoholic or caffeinated (or both) beverage of your choice.

Regular banality resumes tomorrow.

Veronica Mars And Christina Aguielelelelra To Be In Movie Together; Nerd Drive = Overload


Kristen Bell has a movie coming out this week, “Couples Retreat.” It looks awful. But yet, my friend Dave and I are seriously contemplating seeing the movie. Why? It’s simple. Veronica Mar…er, Kristen Bell is in the flick. In a bikini. The nerdpull dragging us towards the screen is almost indefatigable.

So news that she’s going to be in another movie coming up? I’m stoked. I’m going to throw on my Pulse t-shirt and wait for this beautiful monster to arrive:

Via Slashfilm

Kristen Bell will appear opposite Christina Aguilera in the musical drama Burlesque

Kristen Bell? Musical? Perhaps dance numbers? Spin spin spinnnn!