‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’ getting artwork from Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson


I’m going to curiosity-read The Dark Knight III. But at least, no matter how terrible the story, it seems the artwork is going to be gnarly.

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This week Superman getting “destructive” as f**k new power in ‘Superman’ #38


Ya’ll know Superman is getting a new power in this week’s Superman #38? I didn’t, because I don’t fuck with that current run. But apparently it’s going to be DESTRUCTIVE as FUCK (I’m paraphrasing). THE SUPER FLARE!!! Now as exciting as the “Pants Shitting of Obliteration” but hey apparently only I am wondering what happens when Kal grinds out a constipated dump.

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GEOFF JOHNS + JOHN ROMITA JR. = next ‘SUPERMAN’ creative team

Romita Jr. does Superman.

It’s been rumored! Announced! Confirmed. John Romita Jr. and Geoff Johns will be the creative team on Superman. This does absolutely nothing for me, and in fact the presence of Johns’ means I’m actively disinterested. Does this mean I’ll skip their debut issue? Of course not. Well played, DC. You clever fuckers.

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