Press Start: Kevin kills kittens for kicks

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to come up with amusing and witty quips for these intros. Well, it is if you’re me, anyway. So, in the absence of comedy and wit, here are some suggestions for amusing accents that you can use whilst you read this week’s Press Start in your head:

-Stoic Japanese Samurai
-Hollering Redneck
-Swedish Chef
– Disgruntled Pierce Brosnan
– Aroused Patrick Stewart

Now, on with the video games.

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Kevin Butler Retweets PS3 Root Key! Marketing Synergy!

Enlarge. | Via.

We all know Kevin Butler, right? The doughy guy who stars in the PS3 commercials? Was funny at first, but like all campaigns has overstayed his welcome? Today, the same “Kevin Butler” on Twitter – an entity I assume maintained by a bunch of now-fired PR people – retweeted the PS3 root key. Whoops.

Twitter peep dude Travis La Marr tweeted the root key to the account belonging to “Butler”, I assume knowing that Butler wasn’t the real deal and the person(s) behind it wouldn’t know what it was. “Butler” took the bait and retweeted it making a Battleship reference.

Double whoops.