Kevin Feige confirms that Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel is coming to the MCU. This is righteous news, friends

kevin feige kamala khan mcu

Holy fuck. I had sort of given up hope on seeing Kamala Khan in the MCU! But, apparently all my hopelessness was for naught. ‘Cause the head MCU Czar himself has confirmed she will be joining Marvel’s cinematic universe.

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Rumor: ‘Ms. Marvel’ TV series in works, is John Ridley’s secret project

Ms. Marvel.

Remember that secret project Marvel signed John Ridley on to helm? Yeah, it may be a Ms. Marvel television series. Which would be the fucking dopest thing ever.

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Gorgeous Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel artwork.


Super in love with this artwork by Lan. Check out her other artwork.

Marvel reveals NEW MS. MARVEL. A Muslim Teenager From New Jersey. Diversity, Get!


Dope. Even as Galactus is trying to eat Miles Morales’ ass or whatever in the Ultimate Universe (Gross, bro! He’s a minor), Marvel isn’t done punching up their line-up with some diversity. The Company That Believes in Simultaneous Events has revealed the new Ms. Marvel, and she is a Muslim teenager from New Jersey.

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