Monday Morning Commute: Lock and Load for the Cyber-Scum


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute, scum-lords. It’s a fairly nondescript week for me. Nothing really coming up. Maybe seeing a flick with the BetterHalf. Listening to TheMusic. Spending time in VideoGameWorld. Some weeks the world pops, with a litany of excitement awaiting me. Some weeks the world drags, offering up nothing special in the way of respite from the grind.

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‘Just Cause 3’ Mission Trailer: Do As You Please In Murder Town

Just Cause 3 is going to be a game I miss on launch. ‘Cause Fallout4andRiseofTheTombRaider for days. But if this mission trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a goddamn blast whenever I pick it up.

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‘Just Cause 3’ Gameplay Trailer: F**k dictators, explode everything

‘Just Cause 3’ Debut Trailer: Fire & Brostone