Monday Morning Commute: Lock and Load for the Cyber-Scum


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute, scum-lords. It’s a fairly nondescript week for me. Nothing really coming up. Maybe seeing a flick with the BetterHalf. Listening to TheMusic. Spending time in VideoGameWorld. Some weeks the world pops, with a litany of excitement awaiting me. Some weeks the world drags, offering up nothing special in the way of respite from the grind.

Maybe that’s where you come in! After I’m done spitting the LifeUnremarkable, tell me what you’re looking forward to. What’s on your plate this week? What’s on your mind?

Inspire me! Or at least make me giggle a bit.

I’ll go first.


The Vision #1.

Cherishing: The Vision.

This comic is a fucking gem.


Just cause

Just bought: Just Cause 3.

I blame Jerkface.


Broad City.

Watching: The third season of Broad City.

How are we already on the third season?



Enjoying: The artwork of Jakub Rebelka.

Dude is lit. Lit!




Really stoked: Deadpool made all the money.

Here’s to perseverance.


Pentagon Jr.

This week on Lucha: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

We don’t deserve it.


Isaac Asimov

Always reading: The Foundation.

Always: Asimov.


That’s it for me. As I said. Nothing special going on this week for me. How about you?