‘John Wick’ TV show could feature Ian McShane‘s Winston, so like, make this shit happen

john wick tv series ian mcshane winston

Ian McShane‘s Winston could feature in that upcoming John Wick TV show, folks. And I’m torqued with good reason, as the dude chews up all the scenes he is in in the movies.

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‘John Wick’ TV spin-off series officially in development at Starz. Reeves is involved, will totally cameo

john wick tv series starz

That John Wick TV series is happening, folks. However, let’s remember it’s a fucking spin-off. I think this is important to note, since a lot of the echo-chamber shit holes (as opposed to this, your most glorious echo-chamber shit hole!) don’t lead with that. And while I may be alone, I think the idea of centering it on The Continental and not Wick makes it more viable and interesting.

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