New ‘ELYSIUM’ Trailer: Shittin’ on your favorite movie this summer’s lifeee.


Goddamn, this trailer. Hot off the presses (okay, not really), hardening me tits. Here is hoping Elysium delivers wht I’ve yet to receive this Popcorn Season: a slam-bang special effects shrapnel bomb that transcends its status as just that. A man can hope.

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Official ‘ELYSIUM’ POSTER: Cyber MATT DAMON and the 99%

Jacked-in. And pumped.

I keep forgetting about Elysium, the flick from The Guy Who Did District 9 (Neill Blomkamp). Despite that, I have a feeling that when the film finally drops, it is going to blast my science-fiction o-ring into little pleasure particles. Here is the official poster for the son of a bitch.

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