Boba Fett movie in the works because Lucasfilm doesn’t fucking get it. But, it’s got James Mangold writing and directing at least

boba fett movie james mangold

On the one hand: I’m so fucking done with Lucasfilm recycling all their old properties, instead of giving us dope new tales in the Star Wars universe. On the other hand: Logan‘s James Mangold is writing and directing it, and he proved with Logan he sure knows his Neo-Western type shit. So, I’m optimistic, while disappointed. Frustrated, while moderately intrigued.

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‘Logan’ director confirms he’s working on an ‘X-23’ movie script because fucking of course

x 23 movie script logan director

Logan was a wonderful remix of The Road. Or The Last of Us. Or whatever. One of the highlights of the beautiful misery was X-23. So, it makes perfect sense to give the character her own movie.

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James Mangold directing ‘Disorder’ remake with script by ‘Sicario’ writer Taylor Sheridan

james mangold disorder remake sicario writer

James Mangold and Taylor Sheridan are teaming up to remake a French-Belgian movie from 2015, Disorder. That’s all you really need to know. Two fucking rad dudes teaming up. Get excited for this, slime.

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‘THE WOLVERINE’ getting a SEQUEL with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold returning

The Wolverine

If, uh, a movie makes like $100+ million in the woods, and only a bear talks about it, does it exist? That’s my metaphysical question. ‘Cause The Wolverine is getting a sequel. Despite it being a relatively fun movie with a dreadful final act, I can’t really remember anyone giving a fuck about it. And yet! Here it is. Sequel primed.

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Possible TEASER POSTER For ‘THE WOLVERINE’ Leaks? Right Hurr.

There’s a good chance a teaser poster for The Wolverine  has leaked courtesy of some ninja photoing inside the office of director  James Mangold.

It’s pretty cool.

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