Weekend Open Bar: Lake of Fire

lake of fire

We are literally awash in Biblical Ass Shit these days, folks. Official term for the fires gnashing their away across Western portion of the Empire, and the Hurricanes engulfing the Eastern portion. The Earth’s melting, the boot of the Empire is stomping, and the Universe itself is dying. Thus, while there are bigger things to worry about than being late opening the Weekend Bar, I still feel bad. For if we can’t dance together as the Palaces burn, what can we do?

So, let’s hang out! Indulge in the chemicals and calories of your choice, pull up a chair, and shoot the shit with me.

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Weekend Open Bar: Ba De Ya – Dancing In September

weekend open bar dancing in september

Oh, Oh, Oh! Dancing in September! Welcome to Weekend Open Bar! And it’s a uniquely special one, at least on the annual tip. It’s the first Weekend Open Bar of my favorite time of year. Mother. Fucking. Fall. Though not officially penetrating the calendar until later this month, this weekend begins a maelstrom of miscellany during the upcoming week which officially signals it for yours truly. So I’m lighting the autumn candles, slipping into a hoodie, and wanking it to rotting leaves, spectral forms populating our general psyche, gridiron collisions, and blockbuster games dropping.

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‘Jackie Brown’ soundtrack is getting a vinyl rerelease


Good news for those fans of the Jackie Brown soundtrack who own themselves a record player. The soundtrack to Tarantino’s forgotten child (listen, don’t be the person to come in here and be like I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN IT!!! I know its a cult classic but I’m talking ask the average person about it) is getting itself a rerelease on vinyl. And man, I haven’t watched the film in a while, but seeing the track listing? Reminds me of what a great fucking soundtrack the movie has.

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Author ELMORE LEONARD passes away at the age of 87. Six-gun salute.

Elmore Leonard

only know Elmore Leonard through the screen-based adaptations he has been behind. Yes, I consider that a personal flaw. Even still, the author has contributed greatly to the bowl of pop culture enjoyment out of which I eat. Man, that’s a clumsy metaphor. Whatever! Keeping it.

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