Cosplay: Pepper Potts rockin’ her own Iron Man suit


Or more specifically, she’s wearing R.E.S.C.U.E. from my lord and savior Matt Fraction’s run on Invincible Iron Man. It’s quite the lovely get-up, if you ask me.

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Steampunk Lady Iron Man.

More cosplay? Why the fuck not. It is Iron Man 3 day, after all.

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WATCH: This IRON MAN Cosplay MOVES. Tech Swag ++

Sure you’ve seen Iron Man cosplay. However, have you seen Iron Man cosplay that replicates the nearly erotic for tech-fetishists clicking and clanking of the armor coming together?

Hit the jump!

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Chinese Dude Makes Ridiculously Swank Homemade Iron Man Suit.

Wang XiaoKang is clearly the most pimp of Iron Man fans. By day he is a Chinese Telecom worker. By afternoon, or evening, or sometime he is the builder of an absolutely gorgeous Iron Man  Mark I movie armor.

Want to see him lumbering about in it? Of course you do.

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