‘INFAMOUS: SECOND SON’ lead designer has peaced out from Sucker Punch.


ALL THE LEAD DESIGNERS ARE LEAVING! All! It feels like every time I turn around another motherfucker has left their perch as Lead Designer of Studio X. This time it’s Jaime Griesemer, Lead Guy of Sucker Punch.

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New batch of ‘INFAMOUS: SECOND SON’ screens for UR NEXT-GEN GUTS


I’m pretty gnarlstokedjacked for inFamous: Beanie Douchebag Gear. Despite my utter disdain for the protagonist’s appearance, the game appears to let you rock out in an unfathomably gorgeous world with some tasty superhero powers. There’s a new batch of screens for the game that have dropped, and they’re only further tempting me to drop. Drop trou.

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Monday Morning Commute: Slow Cook The Human Potroast

mmc! copy

Whoops! Late on the Monday Morning Commute tip. Didn’t realize it was going to be floating in flux this week. Then it occurred to me that Rendarbones Frankenpepsi is currently en route across the vast distance of the Empire in some sort of silver tube that is intent on dying God’s will. So provided that he doesn’t crash into the side of a Mountain (death is only a transition, he’d be reborn in Earth^42, so don’t cry), he’ll be back next week. However for now you’re dealing with my hurried, blast beat-esque rundown of what I’m enjoying this week. That’s what we do around here. In Monday Morning Commute.

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