‘Deadpool’ IMAX Trailer: More Cheap Euphemistic Jokes

I’m not really feeling pretty much anything Deadpool, save for the action. And that guy from Silicon Valley. The rest seems comfortable in traipsing in quasi-homophobic jokes and dick puns. Which, sort of sounds like me. But, don’t forget. I suck.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is returning to IMAX on September 11

what a lovely day

Oh fuck! Did you fuck up royally, and not catch Mad Max in theaters? Now is your chance! Do you spend your days pining for another opportunity to see the film on an enormous screen? Now is your chance! Fury Road is returning to IMAX theaters on September 11.

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‘Episode VII’ Non-News: Flick has one action scene shot in IMAX

star wars

BEEN A FUCKING MINUTE, EH? I’ve been ruining this site with so much Marvel Movie Coverage that I almost went a week without talking about my other site-ruining obsession. Star Wars. Well don’t celebrate yet, Non-Existent Readers. ‘Cause we got ourselves some Episode VII non-news.

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‘Interstellar’ Final Trailer: Mankind’s Next Step Looks Gorgeous


Final trailer for Interstellar. Am I watchin’ it? I SHALL REFRAIN. Should you watch it? It’s your life, mang. I’m sure it’s glorious. But I’m going Dark when it comes to this flick hereon up to the release.

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Theater Chain Execs Discussing Allowing CELL PHONE USE In Theaters. Dear Lord.

Motherfuckers! Nothing agitates me in a movie theater as much as seeing a fucking glowing orb in an ocean of auditorium silence. Fucking cell phones. Now this sort of chicanery may be allowed  by none other than theater executives.

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Rumor: Nolan Cleans Up Bane’s Voice In Updated ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Audio

Well, let us the Raging Nerd Collective be heard! Unlike the Bane audio that’s been delivered so far! Rimshot! Snare drum! There’s a purported new audio cut of the Bane Prologue from The Dark Knight Rises, and this purported cut is purportedly purposefully cleaned up for auditory pleasure.

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ To Have 50 Minutes of IMAX-Shot Footage. G’damn.

It’s quickly becoming clear where we should all be seeing The Dark Knight Rises. With nearly 50 minutes of IMAX-shot footage, seeing it on anything less than an IMAX screen is depriving yourself of the true thunderous glory of Nolan’s work.

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‘Dark Knight Rises’ Bane Prologue Reactions, and More Bat-Hub.

Hey fuckers! Guess what! Consider this a hub for your Dark Knight Rises goodness that’s spiraling out today. People have seen the Bane prologue before Mission Impossible and word is trickling out. People are happy! I think? I’ve been trying to avoid the spoilers. So in lieu of direct posting and conversation, Imma just point you in the right direction for goodies and details while I try and stay virginal.

Peep the links.

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‘Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue Debuting With ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’ in IMAX. 6 Minutes Of Heaven.

Forget seeing I Am Legend in IMAX, I went to that movie just to see the prologue for The Dark Knight. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol was a flick I was interested in seeing, and now I will definitely be attending, because it’s got a glorious Bat-Prologue before it.

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