‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer #2: Aliens Are Like, Wut Up Technofascist Utopia? Die!

Maybe it is because I’m just generally angry at It, but I can’t help but root for the aliens in this flick. Humans seem to have become complacent, masturbating to the idols of New Technology and The State. Fuck them! Smoke the monkeys! #TeamAliens

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ID4 Sequel gets official title, ‘Independence Day Resurgence’ and plot details


‘Cause you absolutely didn’t ask for it!

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Will Smith.

Well, looks like Will Smith may be taking a desperate measure in attempting to get people to give a fuck about him once more. After initially farting all over the idea of doing an ID4 sequel, the talk has swayed the other way. I mean yeah sure maybe that’s what happens when your last movie was a fucking glamor project for your stone-faced son.

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Rumor: ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’ SEQUELS tots have titles. Welcome to 1996!

This has to be weird. Will Smith is probably going to be in a sequel to ID4. But, being a member of Scientology, isn’t the dude going to be going to arms with pretty much his brethren? His intergalactic soul mates? I could be wrong. I’m probably wrong. I’d just like to see a sequel where he switches sides, and rolls deep with the aliens.

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Roland Emmerich To Destroy White House Again In ‘WHITE HOUSE DOWN’. Dude Got A Fetish.

Roland Emmerich. Dude loves  blowing up the White House. Can’t get enough of it. I get this. He’s got a fetish. What I don’t get is how this guy keeps getting movies.

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‘Independence Day’ Back-To-Back Sequels Happening With Or Without Fresh Prince. ‘Kay.

ID4 is one of the classic movies in the pantheon of American cinema, executed by two brilliant auteurs. That said, it’s been a good goddamn forever since it came out, and there’s talk that sequels are coming. Even if the only Totem that could transfer the franchise’s relevance from one generation to the next decides to sit it out.

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The UN Appoints Ambassador To Aliens; ID4 Is Imminent

Last week, the United Nations finally stepped and recognized the obvious: extraterrestrials were going to, at some point, arrive and obliterate us. In order to work against this formality, they did humankind the favor of appointing an official United Nations ambassador to aliens. Her name is Mazlan Othman, and she is a Malaysian astrophysicist. Othman recently spoke about the obvious and forthcoming contact with more-than-likely pissed off aliens, and had the following to say.

News.com.au via io9:

The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials […] When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.

My only concern is that she seems to underplay the fact that should we ever meet aliens, they’re going to want one thing only: to eradicate us from the planet and then harvest our bodies/souls/natural resources for their own profit. Hasn’t this lady indulged in any pop culture in the last twenty or so years?

The pertinent questions we should be asking are something like: Who is going to disrupt their force fields with a virus? Where are our underground bunkers going to be built? Can we have Bill Pullman prepped and ready to deliver an epic speech within moments of First contact?

Playin’ grab ass with these aliens ain’t going to happen, Ambassador Othman. At best, I predict these aliens will want to penetrate our orifices for their spiky speculums. At worst, they’re going to wear our faces as they bathe in our gamma-irradiated lakes. We gotta get real. Do some research.