Roland Emmerich To Destroy White House Again In ‘WHITE HOUSE DOWN’. Dude Got A Fetish.

Roland Emmerich. Dude loves ¬†blowing up the White House. Can’t get enough of it. I get this. He’s got a fetish. What I don’t get is how this guy keeps getting movies.

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He already blew up the White House once in “Independence Day” so why not make it the setting for an action film?

That’s likely the answer Roland Emmerich is giving to the question no one asked as Deadline reports that the director is in talks to direct the hottest script of the year (so far), “White House Down.” Purchased by Sony last week for a staggering $3 million, the plot of the script by James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac,” “The Amazing Spider-Man”) is being kept under wraps but is said to be an action flick about a paramilitary takeover of the White House (probably by terrorists is our guess) in the vein of “Die Hard” meets “Air Force One” which probably made a lot of execs cream their pants. And bearing more than a passing similarity to the other White House action movie “Olympus Has Fallen,” recently announced with Gerard Butler in the leading role, it’s no surprise the studio wants this one knocked out fast.

How is this shit happening? Easy, yo. Never underestimate the barely latent desire for the average American to watch the totems of their nation burn. The only thing we like more than seeing our monuments eradicated in a gratifying burst is a hero saving the damn. Standing on the smoldering ruins, of course.