Marvel could get Spidey movie rights back; these are their plans if they should


Man. Fuck the Sony Hackers. Not because I’m like, morally opposed to their actions. I don’t have many morals. But rather, the DATA STREAMS this weekend were unrelenting in their coverage. So I stuffed another taco in my mouth and said, “fuck it, I’ll cover the Spidey news on Monday.” And here we are. Here we are.

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First ‘FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON’ screens. Science-fiction uber death!

Blood Dragon!

This is going to be the jam.

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Bloomberg says next Xbox is arriving for 2013 holidays. My body is ready!

As much as I like my bank account to bathe in its own minuscule juices, I like new gaming consoles even more. So I’m more than ready to embrace the Xbox-Kinect Excelsior-720-AR wunderkind. I have been ready for awhile. If this report is to be believed, I’ve got myself another year to wait. Whatever. What is another year. That’s like 400 days, or something. 3,000 masturbation sessions, or something. I can handle this.

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