Johnny Hotsauce here! Longtime listener, first time caller. Or whatever. So I did it! I incepted myself into Caff-Pow’s brain, convinced him it was time to let me bother you nice folks in a more official capacity. (Basically I just drew my face on a can of Kickstarter, stuck it in his mind-safe when he was busy looking at butts on Tumblr)

With the dawn of the digital-age of comic books, Comixology has, in many cases, done away with our need to go to the comic book store. But, as Caff-Pow has so lamented before, something feels amiss. Where, now, is the camaraderie? Where can we go to talk comics? Where can we shoot the four-color-fantastic with like-minded geeks? Who will be there to help us decide how to spend our hard-earned coin? HERE. Right here at OL, friends. Here is our chance to talk shop, compare notes on the best comics this week has to offer. This column has too long lay dormant, but like any comic book hero you ever loved, death is no obstacle.

So, without further preamble, let’s do the damned thing! (And I’m on a budget here, people, so if I don’t mention your most beloved book, I implore you to speak up in the comments and share your love!)

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