‘Atlanta’ director and all-around rad ass dude Hiro Murai signs first-look deal with FX. Oh fuck yeah!

hiro murai first-look fx productions

Friends, Hiro Murai has signed a motherfucking first-look deal with FX! If you don’t know who dude is, that means you’re not watching Atlanta or Barry. So son, you’re fucking up. That said if you are in-fact not uncultured swine, you’ll realize this news rules.

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‘Atlanta’ and ‘This Is America’ director Hiro Murai is helming the sci-fi movie ‘Man Alive’ and I’m torqued

this is america atlanta hiro murai man alive

Hiro Murai is objectively fucking awesome. Between Atlanta, This Is America, and his work on Barry, he’s more than wormed his way into my heart. But, he’s about to push deeper into it. Dude is doing a fucking sci-fi- movie.

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FX has given ‘This Is America’ and ‘Atlanta’ director Hiro Murai his own development deal

fx this is america hiro murai development deal

I’ve known how rad Hiro Murai is for a good goddamn while now. But, a lot of people are experiencing his work for the first time through Childish Gambino’s video, This Is America. None the less, with that brag out of the way, I’m stoked that he’s getting a development deal.

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