Frank Miller’s cover for ‘DARK KNIGHT RETURNS’ #2 sells for DAMN NEAR $500,000

The Dark Knight Triumphant.

Zack Snyder’s BEST BRO FRANK MILLER may be eating burgers with him and chatting about whatever the next glob of goo Snyder is going to squat out next. However whilst that is going on, Miller’s second cover for Dark Guy Beats Superman I Get It, I Get It is selling for a lot of goddamn money. A lot.

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Dave Gibbons’ covers for ‘WATCHMEN’ #1-3 sell for almost $217,000. G’damn.


Dave Gibbons’ covers for The Watching-men, the comic adaptation of the Zack Snyder movie have sold for a ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous amount of money. I mean, the comic was all right. It wasn’t nearly as dope as the movie, but seriously what is?

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