Monday Morning Commute: Katana Pubic Trimmer

Hello there, fellow worker bees! Are you already sick of the workweek? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The way the Man has it set up, we’re all supposed to hate our Monday through Friday responsibilities, those tasks that we must complete so that we can earn currency to exchange for the electricity and beer and buffalo wings that we enjoy on the weekends.

It’s hardly an ideal system.

But fear not, for this right here is the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! I’m going to show you the various ways I’ll be thwarting the advances of that spirit-crushing behemoth commonly referred to as Workweek Ennui! After you check out my snake-oils, hit up the comments section and display your own wares.

Grab a Diet Fanta and jump on in!

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Monday Morning Commute: Scream Sayonara!

Ahoy! Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE – this is the spot where I share the bits of entertainment detritus that I’ll be rolling in over the course of the next few days! Sometimes it’s neat and tidy. Other times, it’s gross and ewh. In either case, after you stomp through my mind-muck, it’s your duty to hit up the comments section and detail what you’ll be up to.


Re-Readin’/Heavy Liquid (Paul Pope)

I’ve started re-reading Paul Pope’s Heavy Liquid in small, super-digestible bites and I must admit that it’s even better than I remember it. This is really saying something, since I’ve always had a soft spot for the comic. Pope tells the neo-noir tale of S, a man who not only stumbles into a vast amount of the ever-mysterious heavy liquid, but is also tasked with finding the only artist capable of sculpting it into Beauty. Mixing crime drama with futurism and psychedelia, Pope manages to convey a story about a man looking for his role in the world, whether through love or art or money or drugs or authenticity.

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