OMEGA-CAST #8: Fear & Loathing in Coruscant

A hot new plate of podcast for you to engulf. Go ahead, throw it down that dirty gullet of yours. Oh, you want to know what that bubbling black ooze is? Or the gnarled tree branch looking things? Fine! Fine. If you must know what’s on this episode: more Star Wars talk (ugh, I know!), Caff complaining about a lot of things and articulating them poorly, Rendar’s lost son, the Ninja Turtles, the exhaustion of comic book culture, Riff’s first guitar solo played on whale bones, eating tortilla chips in the microphone, and more.

Hit the jump for the terror, or check us out on iTunes.

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Eight-Year-Old Geoff John’s ‘HE-MAN’ CHARACTER Debuts On comiXology; Oh Hey Neat

The big buzz this weekend in the funny book world is centered on a character that Geoff Johns created back when he was eight years-old. His name is Sir Laser Lot, and while I haven’t read the comic I’m pretty sure it’s better than the New 52 run of Justice League. Also, little known fact: when Geoff Johns was thirteen he created an Earth-17 character that was Hal Jordan and Barry Allen stuck in a permanent 69. The name of the character was “Every storyline I’ll ever write.”

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