Rumor: Warner Bros. considering Chris Pine for Green Lantern

chris PINEF

If this rumor holds true, Captain Kirk is going to gain himself another space-faring role.

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Green Lantern: Brown Bag of Dog Crap.

I saw Green Lantern last night. It’s a bad movie. Like, real bad. I hold the unfortunate culpability of dragging along my girlfriend and another couple to the theater, and costing them hard earned bucks. Despite what you may think, I at even mid-week I still held out hope that this movie would be passable. To the point of inviting other people alone. By Friday afternoon I knew that I was in fact an asshole. By Friday evening after the movie I felt a certain sense of guilty.

This movie fucking stunk. This shit stank with the power of a thousand dog craps baked in the muggy Boston air.

For those of you who intelligently pointed out a while ago that it was going to suck, I tip my cap. Should have listened.

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Extended ‘Green Lantern’ TV Spot Got New Footage For You.

The Green Lantern hype train is beginning to kick into overdrive. A new extended TV spot that premiered during American Idol and 30 Rock on Thursday evening had itself some new footage.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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‘Green Lantern’ Movie Gets Two Character Posters.

My excitement for the Green Lantern went up a good deal after witnessing the footage from Wondercon. I ain’t dumb enough to deny that it may be simply the product of a well-cut trailer, corralling the dopest contents of the movie into four minutes.

But let me be excited!

Today, two character posters for the movie were released on the movie’s Facebook page.

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First Look At Parallax In The Green Lantern Movie? Plus Look At Sarsgaard As Hector Hammond.

This is why I’m an unprincipled asshole. Well, among other things. You see, despite being totally meh (at best) about the Green Lantern trailer, I’m still excited for it. How does that work? I have no idea. Today, Bleeding Cool posted a few images from the movie, and I have to say, I dig on Parallax, if the artwork in question really is from the movie. Looks pretty god damn cool.

Hit the jump for the potential picture of Parallax, as well as Peter Sarsgaard with a considerably swollen dome-piece.

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First Shot of Ryan Reynolds In The Green Lantern Suit; Begin Worrying?

[via slashfilm : click to enlarge]

Oh lord. Here’s the first shot of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Much like I’m floating the entire accompaniment of dorks in the Thor picture from yesterday a pass, I’ll try and do the same for Reynolds. Maybe he won’t look as douchey when he’s in context. Flying around. Being dumb Ryan Reynolds.

Or something.