Views From The Space-Ship: King of the Man-Children

If you guys knew how fucking long it took me to make the gif above, you’d fucking roll your eyes. Like, way, way too long. Like, maybe twenty or thirty attempts. All so like six people can see the gif, one person can like it, and no one to hang out in the comments. But motherfuckers, sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch. Not in public, unless you got no qualms about digging ass in a crowd. And honestly? If you got no qualms, good for you.

I am no saint.

You see, I’m sure I’m known around the local gym as “the guy who absolutely rips ass on the elliptical machine” so I’m not one to judge. What, you want me to burn some k-cals with the bubble guts? Fuck that, dude. Especially since I can’t be stopping every time I rip ass to retire to the bathroom. On a Saturday? After a Friday night of debauchery? I’d never get anything done!

Live Fast. Rip Ass.

Live Fast. Eat Ass.

Two powerful, undeniable axioms.

Anyways, you’re not here to listen to me wax horny about analingus. I think? Regardless of the answer, the whole premise of this bitch is to share with you views from my world. Then I hope you’ll return serve in the comments section! I don’t know if you will, but I certainly hope so.

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Monday Morning Commute: Monster Attaxx!

Sometimes the Monday Morning Commute is prefaced with a short story or anecdote. Not today. Instead, I’m going right for the top-turnbuckle so that I can drop the entertainment elbow. You know the drill – I show you what I’m going to do in my free time to avoid insanity (or perhaps induce it). And then you, as a loyal reader of OL, hit up the comments section and do the same.

Let’s dance, Sally.


Rockin’ / OFWGKTA – Radical


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