Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (8.13.14) – Nick Fury Is Consensually Yours


…and so just as it was prophesied in the Rotting Tome, confirmed in the veins-reading of the Blood Taco, and proselytized in the Halls of Manic Mistakes, it has come to pass. Weep or rejoice, for the message has been confirmed. “The Caffeinated One shall know Only The Solace of His Own Touch, for in his Time the Many Shall Become One.” Or in other words: you fucks are stuck with me writing this column now. And uh, pretty much every column. Every-everything here on Omega-Level. It’s fine. I’m fine. We’ll be fine.

—Anyways! Hey, fucks! This is Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! And despite my caffeine problems, swollen prostate, and abandonment issues, I’m really fucking pumped for comics. As always! So let’s come together and share the various fucking funny books we’re buying this week. My choices this week run the gamut  from a Princess Warrior, to Time-Freezing Orgasms, to Yet Another Marvel Event

The entire list of this week’s comic book releases can be found right goddamn here.

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