‘CAPTAIN AMERICA 2’ DIRECTORS Down To Russo Brothers Or George Nolfi

The kerfuffle surrounding Captain America 2: Cap Doesn’t Get Cellphones At All‘s potential director is becoming a bit more clear. The field, once vast and filled with hopefuls and talented lads and lasses, has been cut down to two parties.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA 2’ Potential Directors Down To Four. Keep The Machine Going!

Marvel has this thing they do, where if there’s a moderately enjoyable film of theirs, they manage to squeeze the director out of the chair. This is in contrast to paying them what they deserve, or giving them the control they probably earned. Captain America 2  is getting going, and the director who made the flick isn’t even on the potential list of minds to helm the sequel.

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The Adjustment Bureau: Theological SciFi for Romantics

In Philip K. Dick’s 1954 short story “The Adjustment Team,” a dog barks one minute too late, causing a ripple effect that changes the course of the universe. In George Nolfi‘s The Adjustment Bureau, a loose adaptation of Dick’s story, Matt Damon catches a bus he’s supposed to miss and sets off a chain of events that force the men of the bureau to step in. Nolfi’s film is much more a romance than a scifi thriller. It’s exposition-heavy with more conversations than chases and addresses the philosophical catch-22 of predestination versus free will in an attractive little package.

David Norris (Damon) is a charming frontrunner for the New York Senate but while his devil-may-care attitude attracts young voters, it also causes controversy along the campaign trail. While practicing a speech in the men’s room, Norris encounters Elise (Emily Blunt), who got caught crashing a wedding and is hiding out in the bathroom. Sparks fly all over the bathroom and Elise inspires Norris to deliver an overly Blunt speech about how campaigns transform candidates into retarded children who can’t dress themselves. But according to “the plan,” Norris and Elise are never supposed to meet again.

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